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Community Council

The School Community Council for The Kauri Sue Hamilton School 2021-22 school year.

Parent Members:
Rachael Farley
Heather Miller
Amber Beck
April Sintz
Mikell Gunderson
Jenny Gunnell
Robert Koontz

Staff members:
Courtney Titus (Principal)
Cassie Bringhurst (Music Therapist)
Emily Griffith (Special Education Teacher)
Eden Withers (Special Education Teacher)

School Community Council Parent Letter 2021-2022

Meetings for the School Community Council are held in the main office conference room at 10:00 a.m. The proposed meeting date for the 2021-22 school year are:

Monday, Sept. 13th
Monday, Nov. 15th
Monday, Jan. 24th
Monday, Mar. 21st


2021-2022 SCC Rules of Order and Procedure

Who is the School Community Council and what do they do? Every school must have a School Community Council (SCC) that consists of the principal, school employees and parents. The majority of members are parents. Parents represent parent perspectives on issues and decisions made by the council. Parents have input in the School Improvement Plan and in how the funds from the School LAND Trust Program will be spent. Parents have the majority vote.

What is the time commitment & when and where do they meet? The council usually meets about three or four times per year at your school.

Why do parents participate? Parents have a majority voice in a forum where issues of concern or recommendations for their students will be heard and addressed.

Does it matter that I participate? Parent voices of all student populations need to be included in the conversation about what is best for students. Last year our School Community Council decided how to spend $41,373.01

Where do I find information about the council at my school? The school website contains school community council info. There is information on the site about: • Who is on the council with their contact information • Council meeting schedule for the year • Agendas of upcoming council meetings • How the money was spent last year • How much money came to the school this year.

What other responsibilities do councils have? • Parents may bring issues of concern to the council seeking solutions. The council may choose to address them or recommend another group or entity better suited to implement solutions. • The council may also create programs or projects to improve the parent, student & faculty school experience • They may make recommendations to the administration of the school and district.

How would I become involved? Near the beginning of the school year parents receive notice of open positions on the council and how to let the council know they would like to serve. If more people apply than there are open positions, an election is held.

Tell someone on the council or your principal if you’re interested.

Principal: Courtney Titus E-mail: