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Principals Message

As we began the school year with so much uncertainty, my mantra was “I Got This!” I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders as I was trying to make the right decisions for everyone at Kauri Sue – Students, staff, and families. A phrase I have used with my own children for years, and one I have heard often this year, “we can do hard things” stuck out to me as I was frequently reminded of this by my own children when they could see it had been a rough day for me or as I was working into the night. I have never felt as many emotions as I did this year. I have been scared. Tired. Worried. Grateful. Protective. So many things. I was supported by many and ridiculed by others. But above everything else, I have been a champion for all. So, when tomorrow brings a new skill learned, a spontaneous smile, a choice being made, a new vocalization, a routine being followed or a challenge faced. I will continue to be a champion for all.

We made it! The final month of our KSHS 2020-2021 school year has arrived. May has historically been a time for culminating events, performances, field day, classroom field trips, graduation, and boundless energy. While this year has looked a little different, all staff have been committed to providing as much fun, recognition, and closure as possible given the reality we are living in. As we are nearing the end of the school year, we’re preparing for the great activities yet to come. We have so much to look forward to during the month of May. We celebrate all that we have accomplished this school year. We have completed Spring Fling filming. It was a success and we can’t wait to share that with families. We have started end of year testing. We look forward to celebrating our staff this month for all their hard work on behalf of your children. We also look forward to celebrating our graduates and retirees.

As we each anticipate this busy month, let’s remind ourselves to take time and re-discover the many moments which brought joy and grace into our lives this year. I’ve been so fortunate to experience these precious moments with your children over this past year. For that I am so very grateful. School is not over yet, so we need to keep schedules and structure consistent as much as possible to end the year strong. I want to thank staff, parents and caregivers for your support and help throughout the year.

We got this!

Courtney Titus Principal


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