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School Info

The Kauri Sue Hamilton School in Jordan School District is a west-side school for students with severe, multiple disabilities.  It is located at 2827 West and 13400 South in Riverton. The land was donated by Cletus and Sharon Hamilton in gratitude for the education Jordan School District provided for their daughter, Kauri Sue.   Kauri Sue  has fond memories of going to school at Jordan Valley School, Bingham High School, and South Valley School.  All of the students at Jordan Valley School have provided motivation throughout the planning of this new facility, but Kauri Sue has provided inspiration beyond words.  She refers to the school as “my school” and is proud of the legacy her parents bestowed upon the students and their families in Jordan School District.

The Kauri Sue Hamilton School is a beautiful two-story structure that houses the district Child Development Center, Health Services, and the Jordan School District Audiology Team.  The facility includes a swimming pool, two playgrounds, two multi-sensory environment rooms, therapy treatment rooms, a health clinic, 21 classrooms, a cafeteria, and gymnasium.   The school opened on August 26, 2009 with approximately 150 students who formerly attended Jordan Valley School.

Mission Statement:  To work collaboratively to maximize student achievement, build relationships, teach communication skills, foster independence, nurture creativity and improve quality of life for each student within their home, school and community.